Kotobuki-Seian: The Best Matcha Sweets in Asakusa

Kotobuki-Seian: The Best Matcha Sweets in Asakusa

Let's introduce Kotobuki-seian, a renowned store for matcha crêpes in Asakusa. Located in the central part of Asakusa, this shop is a must-visit when touring the area. 

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The surface of the crêpe is covered with matcha powder, making it irresistibly green and inviting to the eye. The powder has a slightly bitter taste, allowing you to experience authentic matcha flavor. On windy days, there's so much powder that it may even blow away!

Spoonful of Matcha Crepe

You'll get a spoon to eat your crêpe, which is filled with matcha tiramisu. The crêpe is even more delicious when you combine the matcha powder on top with the filling. Unlike many other crêpes that run out of cream towards the end, leaving you with just the dough, this matcha crêpe keeps you engaged with its filling until the last bite.


A long line of people


The store operates from 11 AM to 5 PM. If you arrive around 2 PM on weekends, expect to see a line like the one in the photo, and a wait time of about 40 minutes. It's recommended to arrive a little before 11 AM to minimize waiting time.


A street to Kotobuki-Seian

The store itself is tucked away in a narrow alley. There's no seating available, so you can either sit on the chairs placed in a plaza with vending machines or enjoy a walking tour of Asakusa while eating.

A Signboard of Kotobuki-Seian

The shop's name, Kotobuki-seian, is written in kanji, in a font that radiates charm.

A Menu of Kotobuki-Seian

There are a total of 6 varieties of crêpes, with Yasaka being the most popular and the one featured in this article. As they can sell out towards closing time, it's best to go as early as possible.

A Ticket Machine in front of the store

Towards the end of the queue, you'll purchase a ticket from the vending machine. All types of crêpes cost 880 yen each and only cash is accepted.

A ticket

This is the ticket. Don't lose it, as you'll need to exchange it for your crêpe at the counter.

Spoonful of Matcha Crepe

Enjoy your crêpe to the fullest!


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