HiMatcha provides an experience of Japan's matcha culture through matcha-flavored snacks.

HiMatcha provides an experience of Japan's matcha culture through matcha-flavored snacks.

Welcome to the HiMatcha blog!  I'm Kyosuke, the founder of HiMatcha!

I'm thrilled to finally introduce to everyone our Japanese matcha-flavored snack box.

HiMatcha was born out of a desire to show a new side of matcha to those who love it, as well as to those who have tried ceremonial-grade matcha but found it tasted like dirt. We want to expand your horizons when it comes to enjoying this delightful green tea box.


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Inside the box

What’s inside the box?

HiMatcha is a service that delivers boxes filled with Japanese matcha-flavored snacks to people around the world. Each box, which changes its contents monthly, contains over 20 items, comprising approximately 15 different types of snacks. Worried that you might get bored with receiving matcha treats every month? HiMatcha has that covered too! Half of the box contains matcha-flavored goodies, while the other half features snacks flavored according to the season.

Additionally, while sweet treats are the main focus, we also include a few savory items to ensure that you can enjoy the box in a balanced way from start to finish.

How do you select the snacks?

Every month, we decide on a theme that aligns with the season and select snacks accordingly.

Japan has 4 distinct seasons, each accompanied by a variety of traditional events. In traditional matcha ceremonies, there is a culture of choosing seasonal 'wagashi' (traditional Japanese sweets) to enjoy with the tea. We aim to offer you a taste of these cultural elements even if you're far away, so you can enjoy Japanese culture.

While there are events that originated in the West and have been imported to Japan, we believe you'll also enjoy them in their 'Japanized' form.

Spring (April to June)

Cherry blossoms, flower viewing, strawberries

Summer (July to September)

Festivals, fireworks, lemons

Autumn (October to November)

Maple leaves, Halloween

Winter (December to March)

Snow, Christmas, Valentine's Day

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HiMatcha delivers a monthly subscription box of Japanese matcha sweets to matcha enthusiasts all over the world.

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