Japan's Popular Treat: Meiji Chocorooms in Matcha Flavor Exclusive to Japan!

Japan's Popular Treat: Meiji Chocorooms in Matcha Flavor Exclusive to Japan!

Image via meiji.com

Chocorooms are chocolate candies shaped like mushrooms and are popular not just in Japan but also abroad.

They can be found internationally at retailers such as Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. Their appeal might come from the perfect balance of chocolate and cookie, coupled with the convenience of eating without making a mess.

Image via meiji.com

It's intriguing how packaging differs between Japan and abroad. While overseas versions opt for a more simplistic design emphasizing the chocolate, Japan seems to favor nostalgic, animated designs.

Chocorooms has introduced a limited-time Uji Matcha flavor. While it's exclusive to Japan, those visiting the country should definitely give it a try. I personally stumbled upon them in a Don Quijote store in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Inside the packaging, there are 8 smaller bags, making it ideal for sharing with friends or as souvenirs.

Uji Matcha refers to green tea leaves cultivated in and around Uji, Kyoto. Compared to other matcha varieties, it boasts a deeper flavor and a strikingly vivid green hue, truly making it a premium matcha.

Each small package, roughly the size of a palm, contains around six Chocorooms.

The cookie base remains consistent with the standard Chocorooms. But when combined with matcha, the result is as delightful as the regular chocolate, if not more. The matcha chocolate flavor is rich, and its pairing with the cookie is beyond imagination.

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