Introducing Japanese Matcha Snacks Online Stores(2023)

Introducing Japanese Matcha Snacks Online Stores(2023)

In Japan, new matcha-flavored snacks are released almost every week, captivating the hearts of matcha enthusiasts. Nowadays, there are even matcha skincare products available. So how can you get your hands on these popular Japanese matcha snacks if you're outside of Japan? We'll introduce several websites where you can buy matcha snacks online, specifically selecting those that can ship to a wide range of countries.

1. HiMatcha

HiMatcha is a subscription box service focused on delivering Japanese matcha snacks right to your door every month. What sets it apart is its curated selection of readily accessible treats, featuring everything from limited-edition matcha sweets to regional specialties that are hard to find elsewhere. Not limited to just matcha-flavored snacks, the box also includes other matcha-infused treats, allowing you to discover new facets of Japanese confectionery.

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In this online shop, you can purchase matcha snacks that are available in Japanese convenience stores. One of its unique features is the abundant selection of limited-edition and newly released matcha treats. Shipping is free for orders over 50 USD, making it a great option for those looking to buy in bulk.


Compared to the JAPAN CANDY STORE mentioned earlier, this shop offers an even more extensive range of matcha products. It doesn't just specialize in snacks; it also has a wide variety of items including matcha utensils and Japanese character goods. It's the perfect online shop for those who are not only in search of sweets but are also interested in other unique Japanese products.[prefix]=last&page=1&q=matcha


While the variety may not be as extensive, this shop does offer a selection of popular matcha snacks, particularly excelling in its array of KitKat flavors. For those interested in exploring different types of KitKats, it would be a good idea to start here to see what kinds are available.


5. Bokksu 


Specializing in Japanese snacks, this shop also offers matcha treats from countries other than Japan.

You can also purchase authentic matcha accessories like matcha bowls and bamboo whisks.
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