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Say 'Hi' to a new side of Matcha through Japan's Matcha sweets


About HiMatcha

Discover a new side of matcha through its delightful array of sweets

In Japan, the allure of matcha extends far beyond just a drink. From familiar sweets like matcha lattes and donuts to sophisticated confections crafted by traditional matcha leaf manufacturers, Japan is brimming with undiscovered and delightful matcha-flavored treats. In fact, it seems like a new matcha delicacy is born almost every month.

What I'm trying to say is, I want you to discover a whole new side of matcha, one that is filled with such a variety of sweets that could make even the matcha skeptics fall in love.

Shining a spotlight on the producers of Japan's matcha industry

In Japan, many confectioneries passed down over centuries are fading as younger generations pursue other careers.

HiMatcha steps in, discovering delicious treats from these traditional shops and also offers Japanese sweets that you can't find in popular tourist spots.

Not just matcha sweets, but delivering the excitement and Japanese culture

KitKat? Sure, it's delicious and popular. But those well-known Japanese treats are probably already available in your country, easily accessible. Would you be excited by a monthly box filled with candies you can get anywhere? Let's explore Japanese culture together through unique treats that even locals might have a hard time finding.


Kyosuke Ishida

Born in Japan, I've been fascinated by foreign cultures from a young age and even studied in Mexico during my college years.

I have a passion for matcha and enjoy hosting my international friends at my home, as well as taking them on tours around Tokyo.

Customer Reviews

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Really enjoylable!

really enjoyable snacks overall! also love the experience of a unique box every month!


Snacks were super yummy and the variety is great! Got to try so many different types of snacks (matcha and non-matcha) :) The snacks were super well curated, highly recommend getting this box!

The box is great

I like the matcha collection but it would help is there’s a card saying what these snacks are and where they’re from in English. I don’t read Japanese and had to use google translate to read the packaging.

Experience Matcha Culture with HiMathca

I'm ready to experience